Overcoming sorrow through service

Dr. D. Parwathappa was a medical practitioner in Davangere between 1938 - 1990. Early on in his career there were very few qualified medical professionals in Davangere and its surrounding areas. He served the community through his medical practice, immunizing and treating people in the most remote villages against deadly diseases such as the Plague, Cholera, Malaria and Typhoid. He was a big proponent of making education accessible to everyone. Towards this goal he supported poor but bright students by bringing them into his own home to live with his family and funding their education.

The beginnings of Rasmi lie in a sorrowful incident. Dr. P Surendra, the eldest son of Nanjamma and Dr. D. Parwathappa resides in the UK with his family. His older daughter Rasmi who was 21 years old at the time passed away due to injuries sustained in a car accident. The grieving parents sought comfort in the idea of helping improve the lives of the helpless and unfortunate. After a discussion with members of his extended family, in the memory of his daughter Rasmi it was decided to set up a residential school for underprivileged young girls. The Dr. D. Parwathappa Memorial Trust was set up to manage the school.

Rasmi Residential School for girls was started in a small rented house in Davangere’s MCC “B”block in the year 1999. Twenty five girls around the age of 6 years were selected from destitute families and they became the first batch of children who eventually graduated from Rasmi in the 10’th standard. In the year 2000 the school moved to its current premises. To date 110 students have graduated from Rasmi.

Rasmi has since evolved to be a home not just young girls from underprivileged families but several women who have escaped unfortunate and sometimes dangerous situations at home and are now part of the support staff. The school is primarily run by funds provided by Dr. P. Surendra and family members. In recent years several like minded individuals from the community and abroad have stepped in and provided financial, in kind and volunteer support to the school.

Vision & Mission

Our mission

Educate the most underprivileged.

Our motto

Independence and discipline