Rasmi Projects

RRS is located in a beautiful six acres campus wit lush green trees and plants around. The school community as it looks to its future and seeks to broaden opportunities for the underprivileged girls; the support of public and friends becomes essential to its success.

Rasmi endowment fund is created by the trustees and funds received from donors. Rasmi endowment fund is invested in perpetuity. It is a permanent source of income without the principal being reduced. The interest being earned is withdrawn monthly to meet the expenses of the school. The rest of the earnings are reinvested to sustain future growth. There are no administrative expenses. All funds received are used for the benefit of the children and accounted. The trustees and their members of the family continue to contribute to the fund on a regular basis.

There are several projects at Rasmi that are either planned or ongoing. Solar Power Generation

Solar Electricity Generation. The goal of this project is to utilize the unused space on the top of the school and hostel buildings by laying out solar panels for electricity generation. This would not only help meet the energy requirements of the school and hostel but any additional electricity generated could be fed back into the public grid generating income for the school.

Steam Cooking. Replace the firewood fueled stoves with the much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly biogas fueled steam cookers.

Computer Lab. The school currently has a rudimentary computer lab with 6 machines. The goal of this project is to invest in updated hardware, software and other educational tools to enhance the learning experience for the children.

Library. The school library requires several upgrades and investment in new titles, furniture, lighting, etc.

Bio-gas plant. Rasmi currently has a bio-gas unit which is small and does not cover all the school cooking requirements. With the expansion of the dairy farm on the Rasmi grounds the existing bio-gas plant could be upgraded to be much more efficient and cover the entire cooking fuel requirements of the school.

Vision & Mission

Our mission

Educate the most underprivileged.

Our motto

Independence and discipline